Plain simple Plane tips

So, I’ve been spending a bunch of time on planes lately. This allows me to self qualify myself to give out spending-time-on-a-plane advice.

First, I bring an actual book to read for the initial takeoff. Gonna be honest with you, if you’ve heard one safety briefing, you’ve heard them all. And if you haven’t heard one before, you should listen to this one. Now, the air hosts do require that you a least pretend to listen, so you can’t have headphones on. Having a book allows me to pass the time after I sit down until I can stand up again.

Once I get up into the air, I switch back over to listening to podcasts with my headphones. Most often, I listen to the Glass Cannon Podcast network. The network has two shows, with both of them being excellent grade a comedy. Androids and aliens is a Si-Fi podcast following a young team of space adventures, while the Glass Cannon podcast is their flagship fantasy podcast. Both are worth starting at episode 1. I would just prepare to explain when you get weird looks.

On airplanes, I chain chew gum. It gives me something to do, and helps me keep myself from bouncing off the walls.

At this point I want to mention the stuff everyone does. Bring a portable charger, and a good set of headphones. Bring an empty water bottle, and fill it after security.

Finally, I bring a stick of deodorant on the plane with me. It’s difficult to describe the mental effect applying a stick of deodorant can have. It just makes me feel better. Your neighbours seem more friendly afterwards. It’s like magic.

That’s all I got for you. Good luck, and bon voyage.

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