Thursday Throwdown: Author’s Privilege

Yeah, so Thursday kind of snuck up on me this week. Srsly, how is it Thursday already? Anyway, I don’t have a clever theme this week. I read an article in Waybackland that talked about music theory and software developers. The (likely) pseudoscience of the article was that most developers that the author knew listened to rave/trance music while they were coding. I spoke to a developer friend about this, since he also listened to that kind of music. He said that he just listened because it was light on lyrics, and highly cyclical. That makes sense to me. When I’m at work, I can’t listen to music unless I know every song, coda, bridge, and riff. I need to be able to hear it, but not actually listen to it. And forget about listening to music in other languages – that requires altogether too much attention.

So here you go: These songs for me are the musical equivalent of Room Temperature: Comfortable and balanced. Not necessarily my absolute favourites, but definitely often longed for in their absence.

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