Thursday Throwdown: 6 Different Ways

In Waybackland, some of my friends and I would go to an underage dance club called 6 Different Ways. This club wasn’t your Top 40 shlock, oh no. It was the most amazing (to our early teenage years) collection of the fringes of music and youth. There were the black-clad Morrissey-wannabe Goths, and the checkered-pants-clad RudeBoys, the Flowy-tunic-ed New Wavers and skinny-suspendered Punks. That club had a huge influence on my musical tastes, and I still include many of the songs we would have heard on any given visit in my playlists. This week, I heard a random English Beat song on the radio, and decided that it would be fun to revisit the glory that was 6 Different Ways. So, channel your inner Robert Smith, kids, and go find your black eyeliner.

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