Remembrance Project – Day 7: All Saint’s Day

An unknown Canadian soldier at Cabaret Rouge Cemetery, France

All Saint’s Day is a time for RC kids to think about the lives of the saints, known and unknown. It’s a time for us to think about how we can emulate the saintly behaviour we celebrate on the feast of All Saints.

Over the course of the year, I go to the Catholic Pantheon of Saints often to ask for help for my own worldly hurts, and to ask for their intercession with The Big Guy Upstairs.

St.  Anthony (Tony, Tony, turn around, something’s lost that must be found!). St. Jude, patron of lost causes. St. Christopher, patron of travelers. St. John, patron of friendships. St. Raphael, patron of doctors. St. Joseph, patron of families. St. Michael the Archangel (defend us in battle!), patron of soldiers, and by extension, cadets. Also, the patron of Child, who chose Michael as his Confirmation name.

Still, All Saints is one of my favourite days of the year, because my thoughts go to saints unknown. Connor got an award for Catholic leadership, and lamented (kinda) that he hasn’t attended mass in months. I said that Catholic leadership isn’t just showing up for mass. Similarly, as Allhallowtide overlaps with the Remembrance Season, there is the opportunity to consider the traits of soldiers, airmen, and sailors that we honour at this time of year. It struck me, at all the commonwealth cemeteries grand and humble, the gravestones that said “Known only unto God”.

All Saints is about recognizing the good example of others, being grateful for their role in your life, and using their example to create changes in your own life. This year may the best qualities of the members of the Canadian Armed Forces provide the example we can all model.


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