Advent Project Day 4: Infection Vectors

adult art conceptual dark
Photo by Pixabay on

There are days when you try and try and you still feel like you’ve been kicked in the teeth. Several people around me are having that week. I’m zig-zagging (Serpentine! Serpentine! Serpentine!) to avoid getting shot by it, too. It’s tough in the moment to not just give up and decide that the effort isn’t worth it. It’s overwhelming. But when cooler heads prevail, it’s not as bad as it seemed when you were gripped in the fever of the fail-rage. As I’ve watched this swirl around me this week, I’ve tried, with varying success, to help my friends and colleagues to dissipate off the fail-rage, and find some way to persevere through the suck.  Sometimes this means that you get the fail-rage blasting you in the face, and it’s sometimes hard not to be infected by their upset.

This Advent, may the contagion of grace be stronger than the fever of fail-rage.  

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