Advent Project – Day 11: Saint Lucy

burn burning candle candlelight
Photo by Hakan Erenler on

Happy Santa Lucia day, friends! This time of year there are many festivals of light happening in different cultures and faith communities. The feast of St. Lucy is celebrated as a way to bring light into a dark time of year. Many places have light displays at this time of year. Hanukkah has just finished. Unsilent Night and the lantern parade to start Chriskindl Market in Kitchener are two of my favourites. But the lights are plentiful – Central Park in Cambridge still has their Candyland lights up, Waterloo has Winter Fantasy, and Bingemans has a drive-through light tunnel and display. Further afield, I’ve always loved the lights around Niagara Falls, but even the displays on peoples’ homes – humble and extravagant, are a joy to me as I drive around in the dark.

This Advent may we all find bright refuge in the darkness of this time of year. This Advent, may I recognize the balance (or imbalance, perhaps) of light and dark within my life, and may I strive to be the bright spot for my friends and family.

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