Thursday Throwdown: Roadtrippin’

Mike and I are off to Covington, Kentucky today. It’s going to be a 6+ hour drive. Mike claims that if I sing “We’re going to Kentucky, we’re going to the fair…” he’s going to leave me on the side of the interstate. I feel like he might be serious. Funfact: he likes to drive, and he likes to drive best when he’s alone. Or if he’s not, when all the rest of us are asleep so he doesn’t have to listen to us talking. He doesn’t want to chat. He want’s to drive.

Semi related: “Havering” (as in “I’mma be the man who’s havering for you”) means “talking nonsense” in Scottish. I feel like he (as a proud son of the Clan MacDonald) should say “dinnae haver” if he wants me to stop talking. I also feel like my havering rules are secondary to the “Haver too much and you’ll find yourself on the side of the interstate” rule. Just a feeling, though.

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