L:8 Pi Day

sliced apple pie on brown surface
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

It’s Pi day, friends! There’s a saying, “Save your fork, Duke, there’s pie!” It’s supposedly from a Royal Visit where someone said it to the Duke of Edinburgh. Maybe it’s true, probably it’s not. But the point is that no matter how good you think things have been so far, there’s something better just over the horizon. And it’s totally the point of Lent.

Time for some fun math nerd facts. The numeric constant of Pi isn’t so constant, since it keeps getting bigger. The most recent count I could find is a few years old, and it was already over 22 trillion digits in length. If you wanted to read it aloud, at a rate of 3 numbers per second, it would take you 10 years for each billion digits.

You and me and everyone who’s not a supercomputer can’t even wrap their heads around the whole string of numbers that fully describes Pi. You just trust that, yep, Pi is a wicked long number.

This Lent, may I trust in other things beyond my ability to fully comprehend them.

Extra Credit:

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