L:9 – The Cards You’re Dealt

close up photography of dirty playing card box
Photo by Grant on Pexels.com

Yeah, I know I’m late. Sorry about that. Sometimes, the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on. (Weird that Omar Khayyám’s words fit just as well with typing, as actually writing. Nicely done, Omar). Sometimes, not so much. Which is where we find ourselves this week. These last two days, I’ve sat looking at the blank screen of my content editor. I start something and lose the trajectory of where I thought I was headed, and then delete it and try again. It’s been 2 days of that. I write a paragraph and then delete it and write a different one. Apparently, as with the most dedicated of bakers, sometimes, the dough simply will not rise.

So, what to do, then? Go into deadline denial, of course!

I got a new phone last week. I’ve been on a Blackberry for over 8 years, so the cut-over to the OnePlus has been gradual. On the way, I had to figure out a way to yank all my images off the media card (since the OnePlus doesn’t use one), and migrate contacts and decide what messaging I’m going to use now, yaknow, that I have options in that department. This morning, I was looking at the giant list of bookmarks in my browser. Also can’t just slide them over, so I decided that I would go through them all to decide which of the 150+ recipes maybe didn’t have to re-bookmark in the new browser, on the new phone. Turns out, lots.

I came on a bookmark for The Woman Cards. During the last US Election Primaries, The the Angry Sweet Potato accused Hillary of playing “the woman card”. Zebby and Zach Wahls spooled up a Kickstarter to reclaim the term from a slight (in the spirit in which Trump meant it) to a powerful message. They created a deck of cards, each card has a powerful woman on it, and the face value of the card has something to do with the woman’s story. It did so well that they’ve issued a second edition with some different women, and a girlpower version as well.

This Lent, may I find good ways to play the cards I’m dealt. May I find my inspiration not only in emulating others good works, but in pushing back and finding a better way when that’s what’s required.


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