L:18 – The Diplomacy of Cookies

baked pastries beside red chopsticks
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Every week, I set aside some time to do some online training or watch some TedTalks or other blogs or keynotes. I watched one recently about how to optimize my performance on a team. Something that’s riding shotgun with me for most of the past year is that to be a good team member, you need to have diplomacy (ability to find a common ground) and tact (understanding the sensitivity of a situation). It occurs to me that these aren’t just business skills, they’re life skills.

This one resurfaced when I got a fortune cookie on Sunday that said that I have natural tact. Uh-huh. My initial reaction to that was that that the universe thinks it’s funny. I mean, I’m the swearyparent, right? But when I showed other people the fortune, they thought it was apt. I’m not sure if the reaction to that should also be that the universe thinks it’s really funny.

This Lent, may I remember to use diplomacy and tact in all my interactions – on Team DayJob, Team Cadet Support, and Team Famiglia.

2 thoughts on “L:18 – The Diplomacy of Cookies

  1. When my kids were growing up the neighbourhood Christian kids called them The Swearing Kids. Haahaa! So I guess I’m a Swearyparent too ;P OK. I know I’m a sweary parent.
    Its funny because *I don’t think I have any tact and yet I must because I’ve worked successfully with others in tense situations and I’ve worked with difficult people who just love me so…I must be doing something right. Isnt it interesting how our view of ourselves is so different from how others see us? It must be because they can’t hear our thoughts, ha ha


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