L:21 – Half Life

tablet medical medicine grind
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Last weekend, I went to renew a prescription, but turns out, I didn’t have the renewal I thought I had. And, of course, I waited until I only had a few more doses of the meds to do the renewal. The pharmacy was going to have to fax the nurse practitioner to get the renewal. But she wouldn’t get it until Monday earliest, and it was Friday evening. Time for some creative dosing. I looked at the published half life information, and at proper dosing, the meds would stay in my system for 2-3days. So if I only took half the theraputic dose for a day or two, that wouldn’t be ideal, but it would leave me with *some* of the meds in my system. And on Monday, I’d have my new prescription. Except my nurse practitioner was on vacation on Monday, so she didn’t get it until Tuesday. But that’s OK because at least that would mean that I would only be one day without any doses. Except that the meds I needed were backordered at the factory, so the prescription needed to be changed to something else. Another day’s delay. By Thursday, I had my meds (a chewable version of the backordered version – Like Flinstone vitamins but less whimsical and yummy). I had missed 7 doses by the time I started up again. I don’t recommend this course of action, but here we are.

This is the start of the second half of Lent.

 The goal here is to do some spring cleaning of my soul so that it’s a place that I’m proud to offer to God as a place to reside. Is my soul 50% more inhabitable than it was on Ash Wednesday? Is it half as clean as I intend it to be on Easter Sunday? The concept of half-life is more like what I’m feeling here, too  if you keep dividing things in half, you never get to Done. That’s my really real goal. Continuous doses of effort, but with the safety net coasting on the half-life when things go sideways.

During Lent, may my soulful housekeeping continue to prepare an exquisite temple for God. This Lent, may I understand the ways the upkeep of that temple can become more proactive and humble, rather than reactionary and panicked. 

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