L:27 – Perseverence

When Child was small, and he was looking for a reason to not give up on something, we use to tell him that you always want to avoid kneecapping yourself into only having one path in life. You wanted to give yourself as many options as you could. So having a box full of tools is better than having one giant hammer. Because you know what happens when the only tool you have is a hammer? Yeah. Every problem looks like a nail.

Then, a few days ago, a Banksy mural appeared in my feed: If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

Its hard to tell when you’re that kind of tired. I mean, there’s Long-Day tired, Tired-of-the-bullshit tired, self-sabotage-late-night-tired. But I know that when I start wielding a warhammer and seeing nails everywhere I look,  I maybe need to step back. That’s when I know I’m this kind of tired.

This Lent, may there be enough rest to be our best selves. This Lent, may I recognize tired when I see it in myself and others.

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