L:40 – Doors

close up photo of antique brown please come in sign
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Day 40! We made it.
Lent is a time when RC kids prepare the way of the Lord. Who knows Godspell? Sing it with me: Preeepare ye the way of the Lord; Preeepare ye the way. Of. The. Lord! I love that one. It’s the Easter Triduum earworm of choice.
So good.
As an RC Adult, giving up an arbitrary thing during Lent started to feel easy. It felt like something I didn’t have to think about. I just had to lock in to not eat a thing and done. The lack of drive-through warm beverages or potato chips or whatever didn’t seem to be helping me do much to prepare the way (of the Lord…Preeepare ye the way of the Looord!). It felt more like I was showing Ghod I could avoid Horton’s or I was showing that I had enough willpower to avoid my pal Miss Vickie. There’s not really a conversation with Ghod in those things.
So, I started the Lent Reflection project. And these thinkythoughts do feel more like a conversation to me.
I know where my constitution falls short daily: The whitehotfury. The blackbelt in snark-fu. The Swearyparent. To me, those are better things to try to correct to prepare the way (of the Looord! Super catchy, right??). Thus, the spring cleaning of my soul became the goal. If I want to prepare a place for Ghod to live, spring cleaning is a good exercise.
I like that there are both RC kids and others along the whole faith spectrum who play along at home. But if you haven’t been brought up with some kind of faith background, it really is hard to explain. I came up with this a few years ago, and on the last Lenten post of this year, I’ll revisit it again.
When we moved from McDonald’s Corners to Cambridge, Louie was not impressed. It was upsetting and stressful and worrisome. But when we brought him to our new house for the first time, he ran right up on the porch and stood at the back door with his tail wagging. He had no idea about what was on the other side of that door, but he knew it was where he belonged. My faith is about the something good that’s beyond a door that only God can open for me. Today, after 40 days of preparing, and a day of mourning an innocent Man who got the snot kicked out of Him so that I could find that door, I welcome the dawn of a new life in front of a new door. May I be as excited and confident to stand before it as Louie was.

Happy Easter, friends. Thanks for playing along at home.

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