Throwback Thursday: Synthpop

Prelude: Who remembers Faces makeup? The one with the kiosk in the middle of the mall before everyone and their brother set up kiosks in the mall? Faces named their lipstick colours by number, but as a kid who became a teenager in the mid-80’s, there were only 2 that mattered. A frosty pink, and, if you thought you were edgy (but still had to have your mom approve your choices), a frosty purple. What numbers were they again? They were 10 shades apart in the display. Anyway, this playlist is for use with the purple shimmer lipstick, but YMMV.

Ah, Synthpop. No actual instruments were harmed in the making of this music. So, so good. Apparently we’re doing the musical tour of the ’80’s alternative scene. Don’t get me wrong, when Ms. HeyGoogle serves up top 40 from the ’80’s, I’ll still sing along while I vacuum.

But I got to be far more musically smug about my synthpop in Waybackland. I’d wait, on Saturday night, with my teenytiny microphone attached to a cassette recorder. I’d cuddle up close to my hi-fi speakers with my teenytiny microphone. And I’d wait for Chris Sheppard to play some clever mashup live from the Phoenix, and hope that he wasn’t feeling too chatty during the lead in. Good times.

Fastforward… Now, King Louie is a big white doggie who molts like he’s invented cottonballs – I have lots of vacuuming to do, and it’s way easier to procure my music of choice.

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