Thursday Throwdown: Fire!

Happy feast of St. Joan of Arc, friends.
When I was in Grade 1, I went to St. Martin of Tours in Stoney Creek. They didn’t have left handed scissors for left handed students. My mom went on a mission. My mom taught me, in that action, not to squeeze yourself into something you’re not because your needs are inconvenient. Stand up for what you need. So to the mom who put the fight in me through the innocuous battlefield of arts and crafts, huzzah.
Being a warrior is about knowing and defending your moral code. Whether that means leading the French Army in battle, getting burned at the stake, or getting scissors for the sinestre, warriors be warriors.
So, to everyone who pushes boundaries to defend the things they believe in; the fierce and the charming and the passionate, here’s to you, friends. Here’s to the warrior in all of us.
Last year at Stratford, I bought a show shirt (which I don’t usually do because I’m not really a Tshirt person) that said Though she be but little, she is fierce.
So today, in honour of all the folks with fire in their bellies, and, well, Joan, I give you… Fire.

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