100 Notebook Project

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Who loves notebooks? Oh man, I have a problem.

Every few years – or perhaps more randomly than that – I decide that I’m going to do a daily/weekly project that includes journaling of some sort. I bought The Happiness Project and did an at-home version of that. I read a chapter every month and created my own project in a notebook. I did a whole year of that. I did a gratefulness one a few years later – I wrote about experiences, asked the associated saint (the patron of potters when we went to a ceramics show, the patron  of friendship when I had lunch with a friend). I got all the way to the middle of November on that one. I mean, I guess the Sweary Parent Chronicles is a journal of sorts… except not.

I had good intentions on doing 100 (or whatever the number was) “Things of summer” or whatever. Often, those pages go unfilled beyond the title. Oops. Sorry “Make S’mores” and “Pick Blueberries” and “Fly a kite”. Maybe this year… (but likely not.)

And here’s why: Super big caveat – I’m not a journaler. I keep trying to be one, but I show myself repeatedly, that I am not one. I’ve tried to be a bullet journaler. That lasted about 3 days. I tried to be a food journaler during both the allergy elimination and the Keto start. I’m good for a week of that. But if you give me a project, I can mostly commit to that.  So yeah, but no. I do not journal. I like that other people journal – my sister-in-law always journaled. I have a dear friend who is a successful bullet journaler. Even Child has a notebook in which he writes his to-do lists and notes to self. I loves me some lists, too – I have stickynotes EV-ERY-WHERE containing lists ranging from shopping to day to week to packing to garden aspirations. Which is weird that I loves me some notebooks. I’m not at the point of hoarding them (but if you ask my gentleman associate, he may have a different idea of where one might find the line between collecting and hoarding). Pfft.

So, to the issue at hand. Today is the first day of summer.  I’m going to do a project for the summer. I have some goals for myself – better health, less technology, better balance. And The 100 Notebook Project fits well with this. I’m going to get a slim notebook (or, yaknow, dig one out of my pile) and assign a page a day to my adventures. This may incorporate some of the things in the Days of Summer lists (You’re back on the roster “Fly a kite”!) and it might just be me tracing leaves from my garden. Whatever. That’s what the 100 Notebook Project is supposed to be. The goal is “Fill the notebook in 100 days”. Summer fits nicely into that, whatever that means. We start today. I’m hopeful for the project.

So Happy Solstice friends. May this be the start of something good for you, too.

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