Thursday Throwdown: Roller World

A few different things happened that conspired to make this playlist. It was the trifecta of roller-inspiration. It could not be helped. The universe demanded it. Who was I to refuse?

First, the City of Waterloo is hosting Public Roller Skating Wednesdays. Next, I went to see Rocketman with my friends. And lastly, when I was on Yay!Cation, I saw a girl with knee-length socks and satin hotpants (or possibly… and more likely… a shiny blue bikini bottom).

Srsly. Who could ignore those not-so-subltle suggestions from the universe that we return to the halcyon days of RollerWorld? And on top of all that, I may or may not have given myself a Chaka Khan earworm. I’m willing to take responsibility for that part.

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