Thursday Throwdown: The Genesis Rabbit Hole

Photo by Pixabay on

*Ha. I just realized it’s only Wednesday. Well, one extra day for you to enjoy the dulcet tones of Messrs. Collins and Gabriel et al.

OK. I admit that last week’s Phil Collins drum solo offering (In the Air Tonight) kind of put me in a Genesis rabbit hole. *shrugs*. I feel like Phil Collins is some kind of gateway drug, and now I’m your pusher. Pretty sure I don’t feel badly about that. I can stop any time I want. Maybe.

So looking at my choices here, I wasn’t going to include the ubiquitous Solsbury Hill. I admit that I truly love that song in almost all of it’s incarnations but my favourite version of it (right now) is the one by Erasure. But not everyone is as enamoured by the pervasiveness of that song.

Feh. My list, my rules. I’mma include it as the bonus track. You’re welcome.

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