Thursday Throwback: Hogging the Covers

I may have a problem. OK. It started with the Phil Collins drum solo in In he Air Tonight, which lead to the Genesis Rabbit Hole, which lead to the Erasure version of Solsbury Hill. Apparently I’m highly suggestible.

I know, this is your surprised face.

Since I linked you to the Erasure Solsbury Hill last week, I have no regrets adding another Erasure cover song to this week’s list. Je ne regrette rein. 

Where were we? Oh yeah! Cover versions!

These versions are ones that I like at least as much as the originals. That doesn’t always happen. One that doesn’t exist in Spotify is Miley Cyrus singing Jolene . I mean, Dolly Parton is magnificent and all, but *man*, girlfriend’s got pipes.

Also, I want to encourage you to watch the Piano Guys video of Fight Song. I like it because of the pipes and the sweeping vistas of the highlands, of course. But more than that, it’s not *just* the pipes. When child started playing in the Pipes and Drums, he played swing tenor. Tenor is the drumline that can get cut out if there aren’t enough to make them impactful. They don’t get much love because the snare is more showy. This video shows the swing tenor drummers, and while they’re not featured prominently, they’re still featured.

But I digress.

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