Thursday Throwdown: Meta-Throwback

This week’s throwback is a a meta-throwback. A throwback to a throwback.

Who remembers cassettes?  Ages ago in Waybackland, a gas station that my dad frequented gave out cassette tapes with a fill-up. It seemed magical to me. I mean, I don’t recall there even being a cassette player in any of our cars of that vintage, but those tapes were magical. I would play them on my cassette player in my bedroom and sing with my friends. I’m pretty sure that they had a theme to each tape, but I don’t remember what they were – by date range, I would expect.

No Matter.

For this week’s throwback, I’m offering some of the songs that I first heard on those tapes, and learned every lyric because I played them over and over andoverandoverandover.

And a playlist with the quintessential Anne Murray? Yes please! It also doesn’t hurt that I have a great memory of my best pal’s wedding in Newfoundland, and my Very Proper aunt got caught in a Daydream Believer mosh pit. I couldn’t make that up.  It was so great.

This is the stuff of earworms. I’ll be baa-baba-baaaa-baaa-baaababa baaa baaa’ing along either Windy or the Turtles for the whole weekend.

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