Thursday Throwdown: 1972

Funfact: all the music from Grease was published in 1972 (which is when it also opened on Broadway. I’m not going to add any of them in this list, because I am a benevolent Thrower-Downer. Or something. Your mileage may vary when you see what else I added.) There were a whole bunch of things that started here, and were later covered by other artists that are pretty great too. Like, yaknow, ALL the hits that T.Rex had that year: Telegram Sam (later by Bauhaus), Children of the Revolution (later by Bono (et al) on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack), and Get it on (Bang a Gong) (later by Powerstation). So good!

So why are we focused on 1972, you ask? Yesterday I celebrated a birthday, and 1972 was when I was born. And that certainly isn’t the most random of the themes I’ve come up with, right?

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