Thursday Throwdown: The Moon

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OK. Since child was a babe-in-arms (and he’s over 6 feet tall now, so that was many moons ago. Ha! See what I did there? Just wait, it gets even better!) Yeah, since child was a babe-in-arms, I’ve taken him to the One of a Kind craft shows in Toronto. One year, when he was maybe 4 or 5, an amazing kids entertainment group called Sho, Mo, and the Monkey Bunch were performing. They were so great. Child had money of his own to spend at the show, and he spent it on their CD, and made the whole Monkeybunch sign it for him. Oh, man, child loved them. We listened to their CD in the car nonstop for months, until he wanted to listen to it in his room, too. Child was a dedicated megafan.

There’s a song on that CD that he sang to me at bedtime for that whole winter. There’s a wee baby moon, floating on her back, with her little silvery toes in the air. She’s all by herself in the deep blue sky. but the wee baby moon doesn’t care.

Needless to say, child doesn’t sing to me at bedtime so much anymore. But I still love this song, and it’s inexorably connected (via the dulcet tones of Shoshana) in my mind with the One of a Kind show. So how did we get here? I got an email from the One of a Kind show advertising tickets to this year’s show this week. As Child is away at university, he won’t be attending with me this year, for the first time in 19 years. But the show reminds me of Sho, Mo, and the great memories that they provided for my household. Power to the little people!

So in honour of Sho, Mo, and the Monkeybunch, this week I give you Moonsongs.

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