Thursday Throwdown: Battlesongs for Mental Health

This week, everyone is frothed up about removing the stigma surrounding mental health. It was Let’s Talk day yesterday, so everyone is all about sharing their experiences, and saying that they’re available if you want to talk. I have mixed feelings about days like this. If we’re OK bearing our wounds and our scars, shouldn’t we be OK with with it every day, not just on one day in January because a telecom company (who gets a shit-tonne of free publicity) provides a catalyst for those conversations. I mean, even the Premier of Ontario got up and talked about mental health, hot on the heels of cancelling funding to help those who most need help.

Sorry. Cynicism is my demon. *Sigh *

I chose these songs purposefully because mental health issues are like a lover who’s gaslighting you, and brainwashing you, and giving you unfair colour commentary on your life.

So, friends, be kind to one another, and be kind to yourselves. Some days will be better than others; some worse. But may we all live to fight another day.

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One thought on “Thursday Throwdown: Battlesongs for Mental Health

  1. I’m with you! Mental health awareness is like that hip new thing people pay lip service to then do nothing else for the other 364 days of the year. LGBTQ2 rights used to be like this too in the beginning until more and more of us fighters did the work and brought real action into the every day. Here’s hoping this happens to mental illness awareness eventually. ❤

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