Thursday Throwdown: Bond Beats

This week (I think it was…) Billie Eilish released the new James Bond theme in anticipation of the movie’s release in April. She is the youngest artist ever to record a Bond Theme. It’s all moody and breathy like good Craig-era Bond music should be. The new Bond movie is Craig’s last. And maybe James Bond Proper’s last, too, with the re-assignment of the 007 designation to a not-male not-white member of MI6. Whatever. I’ll continue to go see them. If we can get through the campy years of offerings like the unparallelled Octopussy and Timothy Dalton and the dumpster fire that was the Quantum of Solace, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ll just keep watching, gleefully.

So until we can see what WOC 007 brings to the table in a few weeks, I give you this to tide you over.

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