Lent 4: One more day

Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

How often do I say that I need more time to fit in All The Things. One additional day to just finish cleaning up the garden in the fall, or plant the things in the garden, or put the tomatoes in the jars. One more day to walk on the beach or to get the technical review notes back into the source tree before we lock down for localization. Just one more day to do all the things that fall off the bottom of the day.

Today is that day. It’s a Leap year, so today is the 366th day of this year. Today is the opportunity to do the things that I just need one more day to do. Except it doesn’t feel like the 366th day of the year. It just feels like Saturday. I let King Louie of Dogswald out for morning ablutions, I go swimming, I go to the market to get the chicken feet and carcasses for Soup Day at the Casa di Swears tomorrow. I start the soup. Nap, maybe. Clean up the mess I made when I decided to organize the pantry, perhaps. All the things that a normal weekend requires of me. But it’s not like the calendar just says “This is a bonus day; daily dailies do not apply today.”

Still, it feels like there is an opportunity today. If today is The One More Day, I should – even symbolically – do something more. One more cup of tea  (and an extra tea kettle prayer as the water boils). One more kindness when I am out doing the Saturday Things.

Sidebar: I kinda want to sing Les Miserables showtunes. One day more! I did not live until today. How can i live when we are paaarted?? … One! Day! More! Gah. I’m not sure what it says about me when I can give *myself* an earworm.

This Lent, may every day be a gift I can use to make One More good choice. And sing more showtunes. Of course.

Extra Credit

Think the Leap Year is every four years? Think again!

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