Un-Thursday Throwdown: Bring the noise

Hello everyone, Ma forgot to change the locks on this blog after I moved out, so I snuck back in to drop off these gifts.

One of my favourite genre of music is “Celtic Rock.” Not your normal type of music for anyone to listen to, especially when contrast with what you would expect a young teenager to listen to. Eventually, this lead to never, ever being in charge of the music on road trips, at parties, and honestly, almost everywhere else. UNTIL TODAY BABY!

So, in honour of Saint Patrick’s Day, and especially since the festivities might be a little lower then normal, I have two (2!) playlists to offer you. That’s right, 100% more playlist per playlist then a normal throwdown, and it’s not even Thursday. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

First, is my Celtic rock playlist, so long you can party all day, and never hear the same song twice. Filled with over 11 hours of celtic rock, this is your one stop shop for the Saint Patricks day playlist.

“But wait,” I hear you say, “I’m 40something years old, I can’t go out partying. I have to be in bed by seven so I can go to work at the business factory.”

Well, have no fear! I am also proud to present Celtic Rock Power Hour. This, admittedly longer then a hour playlist, is your express lane to having a good Saint Patrick’s day. It contains all the essential songs from the first playlist, and you can still make it to the early bird special.

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