Worst of times and best of times

Photo by Paweł Fijałkowski on Pexels.com

Happy Sunday, friends!

This isn’t a Lent reflection because technically, Sundays don’t count as Lent. I don’t know… I don’t make the rules.

Still, I feel like it’s good to check in with all y’all, so I’mma do a Sunday post anyway.

Several years ago, there were a series of severe storms that spawned funnel clouds and at least one tornado. The tornado caused a ton of damage in a swathe of Southwestern Ontario. A few days later, I read a letter written by a woman who’s farm was in the tornado’s path. She said that a news crew arrived at her family dairy farm the day after the tornado and  interviewed the family. Their main dairy barn collapsed with most of the herd inside, a century old tree had landed in their swimming pool, and their calf huts were scattered. The crew asked the farmers if they could fly a drone over their acreage to  see the damage the tornado did. After getting some footage, they decided that the farm wasn’t what they were looking for. And the reason why was because in the 12 hours since the tornado struck, a community of neighbours, fire fighters, police, hydro workers, veterinarians, and friends and family showed up to help clean up and get the farm back up and running.

At the end of her letter to the news agency, she said “You wanted a story only of damage debris and devastation. Why not for once report a story of strength friendship community and love. How incredible people can come together in the hardest of times and support each other and look what they can do. Why not show the world what farmers and friends are truly about. I am so disappointed in you. There is enough bad in the world give people some hope and belief in the world for once.”

If you’re only ever looking for the worst, you’ll only ever see the worst. Let’s make sure that we continue to look for the best. It’s around, I promise.

Keep well, friends.

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