Lent 36: Holy Thursday

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

For RC Kids, Holy Thursday is the day of The Last Supper. With the weight of what He was about to endure in the next day on His shoulders, JC gathered His friends together. This was his last chance to be with the people He loved.

JC knew He didn’t have long left with his friends, but they didn’t know they didn’t have long left with Him.  They had a nice dinner, and then he went to the garden for some quiet contemplation. And while the godly part of him knew that what was about to happen what his destiny, the human part must have been freaking out. So, he asked his friends to come with to support him.

Sometimes, the words “Please help me” don’t sound quite like that. Sometimes they sound like “Want to come over”. Sometimes they sound like “Can we just pick up dinner tonight” or “do you have time to come to the appointment with me” or “It’s OK that you forgot.” For JC that night, they sounded like “Please stay awake with me”.

When “Please help me” comes in different words, they are often not heard.

That night, JC’s friends did not hear them. It’s easy to look at these things after the fact and see what the words actually were saying, but in the moment, you don’t hear the desperation or hurt or fear.

During Lent, may I be a better companion when I’m invited to share someone’s journey into their respective garden. This Lent, may I stay awake when someone needs me to stay with them and calm them in their time of need.

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