Beuller? Beuuler??

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I have taken some time off from Sweary Obligations since Easter. Sorry about that.

I’m in a career wherein I can work from home, and this is week 10 of that. I mean, it’s nice that I’m not missing any paychecks, and I’m not at risk, here in the Sweary Command Center, with my son (who just finished his military college exams and is waiting to start his quarantine-flavoured summer training), and my husband (who’s been able to work from home, save for the two days when he had to go in because the machines weren’t machining as they should have been). So yeah, it’s been a pretty safe situation here.

But I’ve found that since I can’t go to the pool or the beach or the museum, I’ve had to be very judicious about the extra time I spend looking at a screen lest I get sucked into a rabbit hole of reddit lists and Pinterest ideas for how to reuse denim and video evidence of large dogs being afraid of small creatures – none of which are life affirming and helping my creativity. The things that usually inspire me to write – the observed thing or conversation that sparks the beginning of a post – those things aren’t happening so much anymore. I don’t want this to just be a How I Survived Quarantine 2020 Captain’s Log. So I do apologize for not having any good pithy things to for us to chew on.

Even Foodie Friday has been sad. My sister in Vancouver was on a Family Zoomies session a few weeks ago eating an artichoke, my cousin in Montreal last week was eating his dinner of a good, proper ragout with eggplant. And I’m here steaming broccoli. *sigh*.

So, friends, it might have to be Thursday Throwdown that sustains us in the Swearyverse right now. 

Good health friends – take care of each other in the safest way you can.

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