Say, Say, Say

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I’ve been, to most people’s approximation, pretty quiet lately. Truth.

Even when I’ve been ready to start tossing my thinkythoughts out into the great wild etherness, it feels… indulgent. One the one hand, there are monumental changes afoot in the world. That’s not something you can paint with broad strokes. On the other, Child is a member of the armed forces, and my candor causes (can potentially cause?) him some discomfort because The Powers That Be have given him orders to remain neutral. So he’s asked me to not fan the flames, lest it appear as a broken order. I get that it’s a place of incredible entitlement that provides the opportunity to remain quiet as there are so many fires burning around me. I get that protecting my child means that I don’t get to yell to protect someone else’s.

And sure, that makes me feel conflicted.

But there are ways to support whatever you feel needs to be supported these days, in quiet ways that still express that racism is a scourge, that it behooves us all, in big and small ways, to eradicate.

Because someone doesn’t appear to be contributing to a fight doesn’t mean that they’re not. Some of us swing for the fence, and some of us are calm on the top and furiously paddling under the water.

So be gentle with each other, friends. We’ve all got work to do.

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