Yippy-o-kiyay mother.. uh.. Hey! I’m starting a new feature here on the Chronicles. It might be kind of random (as Foodie Friday is random), but as a make-up assignment for all the time I took off this spring/summer, I’ve got a present for all y’all: A round up of a bunch of things that have amused me in the last few weeks. Things that didn’t get tucked into the SwearyIncubator for inspiration on a full post, but just a few clever little amuse-bouches for your reading/watching pleasure.

Had enough with your covid mask steaming up your glasses? Maybe you need this: Takahiro Shibata’s mask for people with glasses

Sports have started to ramp back up. Yay, hockey! Nike’s got a great advert about the unifying power of sport. I mean, Nike often has these kinds of ads, but I’m not often moved by the schlock that companies toss over the fence (with the possible exception of during the World Juniors and the Olympics). And I’m also not often one to give Marketing much love, but truly, the team that put this together deserves a raise: Nothing can stop what we can do together

My phone’s autocorrect spends a statistically significant amount of time typing duck for me. When I use fancier swear words, this is what I see: The Sydney Annual Duck Fashion Show

And while you may have learned some mad new skills during lockdown, you’re not a Buddhist monk beatboxing the heart sutra:

And because drummers:

And, finally, making me feel nostalgic for the dance clubs of my youth, this not-incorrect representation of Goths at a nightclub:

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