Thursday Throwdown: August 20

Yeah, I know. Not a creative theme, and coming in right under the wire to even qualify for Thursday. Oops. I’m thinkin’ that I might start doing less themework (although, if something delightful occurs to me, then I’ll surely share), and more “Here’s what I’m listening to this week”. I mean, it doesn’t matter, really. The point of Thursday Throwdown is to share a half hour of music with all y’all. Maybe I introduce something you’ve never heard before. Maybe I remind you of something that was lost in the shoebox of cassettes from your younger days. Maybe I bubble one of your favourites up to the top.
So yeah. Here’s a mellow one for us. I spent the week on a mission to complete a project at work, now, it’s all done. Time to relax with a glass of wine and a calm mix to end the week (because I’m still on Summer No-Work-on-Friday time).
Happy listening friends.

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