Remembrance Project 2020 Ramp Up

One poppy on a dark background
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A few days ago, my mom said that she hadn’t seen Poppies out yet, and it felt late. I mean, it’s not; the poppy campaign is for two weeks before Remembrance day, so when she asked, it was a little early. But yeah, like everything, the poppy campaign will definitely be a little different this year. Officially, it starts the last Friday of  October, which gives us just shy of a fortnight in the Remembrance project this year.

To get the new folks up to speed, during the year, I do 3 reflection projects. Two are faith-based (kind of). In the spring, there’s the Lent project, which revolves around the spring cleaning of my soul, focusing on the tenets of Catholic Lent: Praying, Fasting, and Doing good works. The second in December: the Advent project. It revolves around preparing a space where faith can thrive.  You don’t have to be Catholic to play along, since a lot of the effort for both of these is around just being a better person. The third is around remembrance. In Canada, we celebrate Remembrance day on November 11th. For the entirety of the poppy campaign (and one day slightly later), I reflect on service and sacrifice.

This is the 5th year of the Remembrance project. Our family used to be heavily involved in the Army Cadet core in our town, we’ve now moved on. I’m no longer a cadet mom; instead, I’m a military mom. But in our almost decade immersed in the cadet efforts, I made many friends who are military – Reg forces, Cadet cadre, and Royal Canadian Legion, NATO and Airborne forces veterans. Like many, I had uncles who served in World War 2, and certainly at this time of year, my thoughts go to them. But service doesn’t just mean having been in the European theatre in the first or second world wars. It means Korea, and Cypress, and Afghanistan. It means peacekeeping and wartime. It means families and friends and strangers who support our military.

So, a writer writes. For the next fortnight, #wewillrememberthem.

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