Remembrance Project Day 5 – Of Hunters and Hunted

Usually on the Feast of St. Hubert (patron of hunters, dogs, and archers, amongst other things), I reflect on animals’ roles in war. But my anxiety level is jacked because of our southern neighbours’ election day, so the pithy thinkythoughts are just not coming. I know that I can avoid the coverage for a while, but sooner or later it will be decided, and all done except the crying.

So instead, I’mma give you a picture I saw last year and I was going to work into this year’s St. Hubert’s Day post.

Men standing in a formation that appears to be a horses head to represent the horses conscripted into the war effort.

This picture is attributed to the officers of the Auxilliary Redmount Department No. 326 at Camp Cody, in New Mexico in 1915. The image shows 650 soldiers paying tribute to the horses, hinnies, donkeys, and mules that served in wars.  So todays reflection is that you don’t always get to decide the role you’re going to play. You get conscripted into the process, and you fight to survive. We owe a debt of gratitude for all creatures who served in the horrible gears of war, human, canine, equine, avian, and all the rest.

Extra Credit:

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