Remembrance Project Days 7-10: Round-Up

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Friends, I needed to take a several-days-long break from my technology, apologies for the break in the project. Instead of trying to catch up and just piling on a bunch of stress where my mini-break just got rid of it, I’m going to give you a Round Up of some interesting Remembrance-related articles that I’ve tucked into the Project Incubator to use as source for potential posts.  These may yet show up, in a future project, potentially. But in the meanwhile, check these out:

Extra Credit

One year ago:

Two years ago:

3 thoughts on “Remembrance Project Days 7-10: Round-Up

  1. I am in LOVE with stories about the Night Witches. Your link goes to a blank page for me ☹
    Have you read The Huntress by Kate Quinn? It’s a fictional tale about them. So good!


  2. All fixed! Thanks Lael! Also thanks for the book recommendation. I’m always happy for those.


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