Lent Project Day 2 and 3: It’s Forty o’clock

A collection of timepieces, including an hourglass, a mantel clock, and a pocket watch-style table top clock.
Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

I swear there was a very localized rip in the time-space continuum yesterday over the Casa di Swears. I totally forgot to do a Lent Project post. Not like I just couldn’t think of anything to write; I just straight up didn’t remember that it was a thing I needed to do. I also just gapped on the daily readings I was supposed to do for two other things. Damn you, early onset senility!

So what’s a girl to do when one day goes so completely off the rails and she’ doesn’t even realize it? When the skid comes to a stop, you take inventory, dust yourself off, and continue the mission.

Today is another day. There will be other reflections to write. Yesterday… *shrugs*.  I often think about a woman who’s evening prayer includes “Lord, I failed today. Help me do better tomorrow“.  Indeed.

So last night, my brain was elsewhere. Today, I was more mindful.

  • Today, I remembered to enter conversations assuming good intentions.
  • Today, I remembered that there is more than one path to a destination.
  • Today, I remembered that it’s important to not see a stumble as a fall. 

This Lent, I will take the lessons where they are offered. I will reframe my foibles into opportunities so that I am kind to myself and others.

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