GratiTuesday: Sept 21, 2021

A retro neon sign with the words Thank you in red neon tubes.
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Last week was my final Summer No-Work-On-Friday, and it was well spent going to see my neurologist for a follow up to the seizure in May, and going to my nail tech to get a new and fabulous set of gels filled, sanded, filed, shaped and painted. If the appointment with the doc didn’t go well, it would have cheered me to go. But it did go well (cognitive tests scored as well as my pre-seizure baselines, we have a plan to move forward with stamina building and a return to 5 day weeks). So it was just a lovely visit with a tech who makes me feel great about myself by giving me good nails. Those things, in themselves, are something to be grateful for – a doc who doesn’t talk down to me, who listens to form a plan with me, not for me; and the glorious gift that is a good nail tech.

So what else, you ask?

  • An office of one’s own, and a partner who will help my vision become reality (even if that means the pain in the ass ordeal of  painting malamine bookshelves).
  • A dayjob that sends every employee (all 800+ of us) a box of treats to let us know they appreciate the efforts we’ve put in during our 18 months of working from home. It’s nice when gratitude is circular like that.
  • Whomever makes the pastries for the Rising Dough Scottish Bakery. Because boyhowdy, their haggis pie is the best meat pie I’ve ever had (bought or made). Also, apparently, their oatmeal shortbread, which my gentleman associate enjoyed so thoroughly that I didn’t even get to see it, nevermind try it.
  • The right to vote. I might not love my options, but I stand on the shoulders of giants who fought to get women the vote. You bet I’m going to exercise that right – every damn time.

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