Remembrance Project Day 11: The call

Most years, on the night before Remembrance day, you might find cadets in their dress uniform, holding vigil all night on the corners of the local cenotaph. Last year it wasn’t a thing, neither is it this year. Last year, I went out and a man had set up a camp chair near the cenotaph. He understood that there would be no cadets out (thanks, Covid), so he would take a shift for them. How lovely that he saw a need and filled it. Would that we all do that more often, or some of us, anyway.

So this year, I’m just going to invite all of us to think about what we are each called to do. And with that, I’ll give you a stirring version of In Flanders’ Fields, read by the incomparable Leonard Cohen:

To you from failing hands we throw

the torch; Be yours to hold it high.

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