Grati-Tuesday: Play to your Strengths

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This weekend past, Child came home from the Royal Military College for the weekend to test drive and buy a car. Child has been saving and budgeting for this for a while, it was jus a matter of finding the right car for the right price. He did all the responsible things – he talked to the bank, he looked at what he was actually able to afford, but when it came down to cutting a cheque, that’s a *lot* of money he handed over, so he had a bit of nervous energy around it.
Afterwards, sitting at my parents kitchen table, waiting for dinner, three generations of us had conversations about Big Purchases, taking on and paying off debt, and what financial health looks like for each of us – Child, in his early 20’s, Gentleman Associate and I, in our late 40’s, and my dad, just turned 80 this spring. I think it was good for Child to see that there have been lean times and flush times, as there will continue to be for all of us, including him.

I’m grateful that we can have these kinds of conversations. My parents’ kitchen table is one of my favourite places in the world.

So what else am I grateful for this week?

  • SNOW! We got a pretty solid dusting of an inch or two a few times in the last week. It mostly melted in the noonday warmth, but Yay for snow.
  • My coworkers are some pretty great people. I’ve had several conversations this week with some pretty bright people about the direction we want to take our department in the next year. There’s a really great collaborative spirit happening right now. It’s good to work in a place that fills your cup instead of kicks you in the teeth all the time.
  • Christmas playlists. So good!
  • The prep work for Cookie-palooza 2021. There’s probably about 63 different recipes on the “potential cookie” list. Sent help (or bring cocoa… either will work). Between my own recipes and the CookiePorn on the internets… ohboy…
  • Helpful folks who work at the local supermarket. At one point I had 3 people searching the shelves for something I was looking for. Thanks for the great service, friends!

Have a good week, friends

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