Thursday Throwdown: Christmas 2021

Remember last year when most of us made the difficult decision to not celebrate with friends and family. We hunkered down and we thought, “Feh. It’s only one year”. Well, this isn’t full quarantine, I guess because a year ago there wasn’t yet a vaccine plan.

Still, this sure isn’t what one would call a normal Christmas. Old traditions that last year gave way to new and different traditions started us on a path to the New Normal. But it doesn’t feel normal yet. And in the spirit of unconventional Christmas, I give you an unconventional Christmas playlist. I’m not going to RickRoll you with Last Christmas. Because if you’ve lasted this long avoiding the Whampocalypse, you win.

So here you go. But before you listen, I want to remind you that this blog is the *Sweary* Parent Chronicles. So if you’ve got littles around, you maybe want to test drive this out of earshot. I don’t usually give you that advisory, but Christmas music is fun, and I don’t want to be the one who inadvertently gives someone else’s kids some new vocabulary to show off to grandma just in time for Christmas.
Now what time is it?
It’s *Christmastime!*

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