Grati-Tuesday – Year End edition

We made it through the Christmas gauntlet, friends. Sometimes there’s a denouement in this space, sometimes a great deal of relief, sometimes a bit of melancholy that after all the effort to get here, it’s just… done. There’s a bit of celebrating still to do in La Famiglia and the Casa Di Swears. My sister’s birthday is today, we have New Year’s Chinese Food festivities on New Year’s Day at my parents’ house, and an additional bonus-Christmas so Child and his young lady-friend can give their gifts to my in-laws. So we’re still kind of cresting the Holiday Hill.
As someone who is willing to celebrate All The Things from National Put On A Sweater Day to the Christmas Trifecta, it was pretty great that we could spread out the love a little more this year. We could pace in a way that didn’t have me sneaking away to take deep breaths off my Stress and Anxiety aromatherapy stick every 45 minutes for 10 days. Or, yaknow, digging into the fun edibles at noon on Christmas day.

So yeah, lots to be thankful for.

  • My sister and brother in law came to Ontario (from BC) to spend the holidays with us this year. They’re leaving to go back to the Left Coast tomorrow, which makes me sad, but it’s always so great when they can come for a while.
  • Two of my Christmas presents that I received were donations on my behalf to charities. I don’t want for much, and I’m glad that people thought of the needs of others as a good place to spend the money they would have spent on me.
  • Weather, that can be pretty unpredictable this time of year, has been relatively friendly for all the traveling around the province (and amongst provinces) that my fam has been doing in the last few weeks. That’s no small thing.
  • My mom is of Polish heritage, but most of our Christmas traditions come from my Dad’s (Italian) side. I was on Vegetable duty for Christmas dinner, so I decided that one of them would be something from her traditions – Kapusta (which is a mix of fresh cabbage and sauerkraut with kielbasa). I ended up doing it with just fresh cabbage braised with kielbasa, but Ma seemed to like it. I’m grateful that I know enough about her traditions to be able to bring that to the table. As she was reminiscing about her childhood Christmas dinners, she also mentioned pierogis. I can get behind that, too. Only 362 days to wedge that into the Christmas menu. Nomnomnom.

Happy Almost New Year, friends. See y’all on the flipside

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