Grati-Tuesday: Twenty-Twenty-two

A parcel wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with twine. A small tag is tucked under the bow that says thank you
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Holy Smokes, Tuesday already! This one snuck up on me. Today was the first day back to work after that weird time when you don’t know what day it is for 2 weeks and days merge together and last tuesday feels like twenty minutes ago and last sunday and the one before that merge into a mega franken-Sunday.
But yeah, time to get back into the regular routine, except that Ontario is starting the wind down to COVID Shutdown Modified Phase 2 – which is like phase 1 but not, and phase 2, but not. And schools are switching back to online learning and gyms and restaurants are closing, and theatres are shut down. But only for 21 days, which is what Our Premier said 669 days ago, and I’m still working from home.

Just sayin’.

So it would be easy to start the year off with a snarky mood. It is easy to start the year off in a snarky mood. I had hit my stride going to the pool 3 times a week. I was planning on adding a few more days of weight training in there too. But now, alas, I need to pivot.

And because the universe has a sense of humour, it gave me a gift that I’m going to pass on to you in the Extra Credit below, but there’s a line in it that I’ve been thinking about for a few days: [Self care] means rewiring what you have until your everyday life isn’t something you need therapy to recover from.

Heck yeah, it does.

And while I thought that meant taking my floaty self to the pool, the universe says “Try again, girlfriend.” I mean, I know the pandemic isn’t about me, but the gift it’s giving me is the chance to rethink what wellness means, and how I can rewire to get there.

So where else does my gratitude land?

  • All the marvelous visits with family that we got to be part of in the last few weeks. Not every holiday is good for every family, but mine (or maybe, the way I have grown to participate and enjoy them) is pretty great.
  • Star Trek. Srsly. Thank you Gene Roddenberry for the universes you’ve inspired. Brought to you by the Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery, but also by syndicated Trek on the Nerd Network.
  • The beautiful humans who groom King Louie. He went in there looking like a Grinch-Sasquatch hybrid, and came out looking very handsome and civilized and 5 years younger. Semi-related. I’m grateful that this grooming means a brief reprieve from the mega-shed that we sweep and vacuum up around the Casa Di Swears every week.
  • The beach on Lake Ontario that I walk to clear my head and reset. I look for beach glass, but I find lots of other things. A painting of a tall ship that sunk off shore 150 years a go, a child’s beaded bracelet tangled in the washed up flotsam, the paw prints and shaken-off water splatter of… something… in the dry sand beyond the then-current tide mark. I’m assuming it was a large shaggy dog, but you never know what secrets that lake might be hiding. #teamcryptozoology

And since I’m publishing a day late, I’ll stop there for this week. If you can choose to be anything this week, friends, be gracious.

Extra Credit:

Self-care is often a very unbeautiful thing

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