Bombs Away!

When I was a wee lass, my best pal and I would open the closet door in my parents bathroom and pull out bottles of creams and shampoos and soap and powders and bath oil balls and we’d mix them all into the sink like we were making a witches brew. We’d bottle up a little canister of this and call it Our Creation. It’s possible that we had watched a little too much Incredible Shrinking Woman. Who can tell what inspires children, really?

I had flashbacks to that this afternoon. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let me back up a bit.

During the stretchy-time between Christmas and New Years, I usually think about what I want my guiding principles for the next year to be. I do a few different exercises – Word of the Year; Dimensions of wellness; 22 (things) for 2022, SMART goals, the Wheel of Life – to help me get a good bead on what I want to focus on and what I want to achieve this year. On one of my scribbly idea sheets, I write down areas of life I want to grow (or at least, not atrophy). One of those is Fun and Recreation, which, after the 700 days of the “three week shutdown” of March 2020, feels reallyREALLY important in my world. One of the items I wrote last year (and couldn’t/didn’t make much progress at) was SPEND OUT!
In my mind, Spending out means using all those fancy skincare samples I get from Sephora. Use the damn jam (and other preserves) that I make from scratch every (few) years. Burn the great-smelling candles. Spend the gift cards I got as gifts or incentive bonuses at work. Stop saving the tea I like so much and enjoy it! As part of the process of Spend Out, I take inventory of the miscellany in baskets and boxes in my linen closet.

And that, friends, is where this weekend’s SwearyMissMaryMakes project starts. But first, the preamble.

Last May, my sister knew I was in a rough headspace, so she sent me a care package from Lush cosmetics that included some bath-related items. Problem was, though, that my bathtub is weirdly shallow. I can sit in there, but with the water overflow thinger on duty to guard against overfilling the tub, I can’t even get the water to completely cover my legs, nevermind relax in a bathtub filled with a mountain of fragrant pink bubbles. So I tucked the bathbombs away in our linen closet. And that, friends, is where the project REALLY starts. So, once more unto the Linen Closet, dear friends, once more…

Last week, thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I found something practical to do with them that would let me enjoy the gift my sister sent while not actually using them as prescribed: Deconstructed Bathbomb sugar scrub.

To the method (that I used, because I kind of freestyled it):

I started with two large intact bathbombs and the crumbled remains of a few (significantly older) ones. For my purposes today, there was Peachy and Groovy kind of Love.

Peachy and Groovy Kind of Love bath bombs sitting on a clear plastic bag on a counter. Beside them there is a claw hammer.

I put them in a thick(ish) plastic bag and hit them with a hammer until they were broken into mostly powder

The hammer is now laying on top of a bag full of colourful powdered bathbombs.

I put the bomb dust into a plastic container that has a tight fitting lid, and added an equal(ish) amount of sugar. You could also use sea salt here, but you can ask anyone if they think I need to be more salty, and well, faithful readers, you know what you signed up for. So I used sugar.

Crumbled bath bomb and sugar combined in a plastic container.

Kind of reminds me of a Kawaii version of Guerlain Météorites powder, doesn’t it? Or the unfortunate detritus at the bottom of a box of Lucky Charms. I guess it depends if you’re a cereal bowl half full, or cereal bowl half empty kind of person. But I digress…

I kind of shook the plastic container to get the bigger chunks to surface, and I squished them against the side of the container to break them up some more. if you like the aesthetic of some chunkier bits, you don’t really need to do this.

Melt about a cup of coconut oil – I feel like you could probably use any kind of oil you’d feel OK putting on your body – I’d perhaps use sweet almond were I to do this and I didn’t have coconut. The bomb dust I had was very fragrant, but if they weren’t you could use a more fragrant oil (like Neutrogena body oil) or add a few drops of an essential oil blend I’ve got kicking around from Saje or Scentsy (see also: Spend out *MORE*). Pour it into the plastic container full of bomb dust, put on the lid, and shake it until its well incorporated.

Closeup of the bomb dust-sugar-coconut oil mixture, with a bottle of coconut oil in the background.

And that’s it! You could adjust the amount of sugar or oil if you wanted to. I left mine like this – a nice sandy texture with little bits of colour from larger granules of crushed bath bomb. Put it in some jars or bags. I used small jars destined for the recycle bin (a empty honey jar, a pickle relish jar, an apple butter jar), but I could have used half or quarter pints.

Bathbomb sugar scrub in three jars without lids,

I have one jar under my kitchen sink to use as a hand scrub (especially good when I’m repotting plants or, in a few months, digging in my garden) and one in my bathroom for my winter exfoliating adventures.

An excellent project for a frickin’ freezing Saturday afternoon. Huzzah!

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