Grati-Tuesday: Go, Sports!

The blade of a hockey stick wrapped in black stick tape placed on the ice surface by an unseen player. In front of the stick is a puck, with other pucks nearby.
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

It has been a top-shelf week for sports. I’m not an athlete – I don’t even pretend to be one. But I love Love LOVE watching and cheering others who are. And this is a glorious time to have all the CBC, TSN, and SportsNet options my TV currently provides.
First, the NHL all-star weekend. Vegas was an excellent host city and holysmokes, those skills events were so good! There isn’t much hockey I don’t enjoy watching, but man, oh, man, I love the all-star weekend. It’s always such a joy to see players talking to each other and just loving their lives. I like all all-star sports weekends, which is why I’ll snark my way through a whole season of baseball every year, but I’ll gleefully watch the Home Run Derby (although, I miss Big Papi and I have snarky things to say about the new format… But that’s a different post altogether, and l digress). So when it’s All-Star Weekend, and the All-Stars are hockey players? Yes, please! I love it when someone beings their kid along (looking at you, Max Pacioretty) and other players make it an amazing experience for the kid. That’s just good ambassadorship for the sport.

Secondly, Olympics. I will stay up wa-a-ay past my bedtime to watch qualifying rounds of sports that I know nothing about. What are the 7 elements of the men’s figure skating short program? I have no idea. But the smile that Donovan Carrillo flashed throughout his performance was as good as his spinnyjumpy parts. What qualifies as a higher difficulty trick on a freestyle ski run? *Shrugs* But boyhowdy, they’re fun to watch!

And props to the Super! Excited! Colour commentators. Listening to proper Brits commentate in the Queen’s English any X-games (like Snowboarding in winter and skateboarding in summer) event with goofyfoot and underflips and corks is semi-ridiculous but really really fun.

And the Olympic flame kettle in that snowflake with all the 84 participating countries’ mini snowflakes? Beautiful.

I know we’re only technically starting day 5, but I just need to shout out to the mixed doubles curling tournament. Who wants to be Stefania Constantini when they grow up? It can’t be just me, can it? And even if not everyone in my house enjoyed my rendition of Fratelli d’Italia during the medal ceremony, I was glad to sing it.  Dov’è La Vittoria? I know where it was today, I can tell you that. Truly, those Italian curlers were a joy to watch.

And can we just talk for a second about how Max Parrot went from chemo to podium in very few years? Inspiring. And the Canadian women’s round robin game against the USA? Everything I could have wanted, including the win. Maybe not our house, but definitely our game. There’s something to be said for a dyed in the wool rivalry to make you want to watch. Whether it’s someone’s 4th trip to the Olympics or their first time, everyone shows up with a great performance ready to go. And whether they end up on the podium, get a personal best, or flame out, everyone who counts amongst the ~2800 competitors in Beijing this month are breathtaking.

Third, this weekend brings the Superbowl. I kind of want to make pimento-cheese and eat chicken wings and bacon wrapped mini-weenies and hope the half time show is better than last year. I mean it couldn’t be worse, amirite?? Sorrynotsorry, The Weekend. I don’t have any skin in the game, but that seems like a good way to spend Sunday evening.

So where else does my gratitude lie?

Four snow creatures showed on the snow-covered lawn between my house and my neighbours. They’re sitting on the lawn near the sidewalk, as if they’re waiting for a parade to wander past. I need to dig out my snow gnome molds and add to the crew.

I decided this week not to continue with the weight management program that I’ve been on for over a year. I’ve been dilligent at it, but I didn’t see the results I was hoping for. So I’m grateful for the knowledge that program imparted, and I’m grateful that I know when to switch gears. I’m going to keep developing and maintaining healthy habits, I’m just going to invest differently for a while to see if we find the key to becoming a smaller, stronger, healthier me.

A closeup on the fingernails and top part of the fingers of a woman's right hand. The fingernails have been painted with a white, peach, bright pink, and silver stripe, swirling across each nail.

Saturday past was Gel Rebalance day. And maniday is my favourite day. Having someone who gives me art to wear for a few weeks is such a gift. When I look at my hands these days, they’re starting to look old. But my nails always look *FIERCE* thanks to my super-talented nail tech. And it’s good for my self-esteem to have this one thing that’s always looking great. My eyebrows might be a little more Carla Delevingne than Bella Hadid, but my mani is always on point.

I’d like to think that I’m going to go to bed now, since it’s after midnight. And tomorrow’s another Olympic day full of Nordic events and curling and the start of Men’s Hockey. Woohoo!

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