Lent 2022: Pi Day

A lattice top raspberry pie sitting directly on a multi-colour striped placemat with a three-tined fork set beside it.
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Happy Pi Day, friends!
If this was a Going-to-work kind of work situation these days, my office would have brought in 40(ish) pies from Shakespeare Pies so that all the nerds could celebrate as nerds do. And everybody likes pie, amirite? Except it’s not a going-in-to-work kind of work situation these days. So I stayed at home and thought about how the nerds were missing our office because of the lack of midday pie. We’ve all pledged our steadfast adherence to the Nerd Code of Conduct, which includes celebrating things like Avogadro Day (10/24), Star Wars days (May the 4th, and Sith, erm, Sixth) superhero day (when we all wear our fandom t-shirts). And, of course, Pi day (3/14).

My gentleman associate asked me if he should pick up some pie on the way home from work this evening. Sometimes, in the Casa di Swears, the Pi festivities spill over to hometime – We gather the whole famiglia and we have pie themed meal (usually Pasta Pie) for Pi Day. Alas, I declined his offer, as I’m trying to be serious about my wheat sensitivities, but it made me a bit sad that I didn’t participate.

And why is that, exactly? I can have pie tomorrow (wheat notwithstanding), or next Monday, or on Star Wars day, and it just won’t be the same. Pi Day is a fun, wholesome community event. My coworkers and I would enjoy slices of blueberry or raspberry custard or strawberry rhubarb or pecan, and we’d just laugh and chat and spend a few minutes of fellowship before returning to our desks to finish our workday. And I think that I miss that part on occasions such as this. Sure I can have a quick not-work-related chat with anyone over Slack or Zoom, but it’s not the same. And yeah, I can fall face first into a pie at home. This may seem like they’re getting more and more back to normal, but there are still no spontaneous conversations with random colleagues about whatever topics ripple across the room. And decidedly no pie.

Finding more opportunities for fun joyful celebrations is an excellent calling. May our new definitions of community include fun reasons to gather and enjoy the blessings we all have. Like, for example, Pie.

Extra Credit:

I’ve created landing pages for the last 3 years of Lent Project. You can access them from the Reflections Projects option in the menu bar. Happy reading, friends!

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