Lent 2022: New is Different and Different is Hard

a person's two hands holding on to a small ledge, presumably climbing a rock face.
Photo by Allan Mas on Pexels.com

We’re evaluating a new piece of software at $dayJob right now. A few colleagues and I got pulled into the “whatcha think?” effort yesterday, and it was frustrating. We didn’t have any training and there was a short window to poke around and then provide our thoughts. We felt the weight of providing good, helpful feedback that Future Us would find, well, helpful.

As we neared the end of the day and my mood tanked from frustrated to murderous, I remembered a reflection that I sometimes use to calm myself when anxiety is getting the better of me. I think of a time when I was really worried or really anxious, when things looked disastrous. Then make a list of how things worked out well after all. And then, be grateful for the lessons you learned along the way.

So I backed away from my laptop. I had dinner with my gentleman associate. And this morning, with the benefit of a swim in the pool and a good night’s sleep, I was in a much better mood about the testing we had left to do.
This Lent, may gratitude prevail.

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