Grati-Twendsday? – June 15, 2022

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OK, so I’m technically late for GratiTuesday by 21 minutes. Oops. I did have the draft started on Tuesday, so that’s hopeful, right?

Tuesday evenings in the Swearyverse mean a trip to the pool at my local YMCA. Tonight, there was a woman with vision impairment. She was walking slowly between the very shallow swirly pool and the main pool and she asked me which pool hosted the aquafit class we were both headed towards. I was able to draw on all the accessibility classes and knowledge I’ve accumulated and put it into practical use. I described the pool deck (we’ll be headed into the pool on your right. When we get to the edge of the pool ahead of us, we’ll turn right around the side of the pool where there are 6 steps down into the pool. You can get a flotation belt from the wall to your left before you turn right to descend the stairs… And after the class, I asked her if she wanted to take my arm to help her get back to the steps to get out of the pool). So I’m thankful for the things I’ve learned about how to actually be helpful.

What else?

  • I’m thankful for the birds that visit the feeders in my yard, and the pigeon who has set up a nest in the firewood behind my garage, and the buzzy bees that are visiting my flowers as the buds on the irises and the cornflowers and aster and coneflower are opening.
  • I’m thankful for the floating glass bubbles that I bought, a lifetime ago, at a summer sidewalk sale, on a whim. They look great floating in my bird baths, and provide perfect landing pads for the dragonflies and bees and other flying things so they don’t fall into the water trying to get a drink. It be hot out these days, and all the denizens of the garden have three water sources in my garden to choose from, two of which contain a some of my delightful floating glass bubbles.
  • My 49 years and still no cavities! Thanks teeth!
  • My new e-reader. As much as I like the heft of a book, I feel like after 25 years as a Keyboard Monkey, carpal tunnel problems may be catching up to me. So the sleek and light profile of my new Kobo is a very good thing.

If you can choose to be anything, friends, choose to be grateful.

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