Thursday Throwdown: June 23, 2022

A field of yellow sunflowers.
A field of sunflowers

It’s officially summer, friends!

The time around Solstice, when the sun changes directions, makes me think about where I need to turn away from some habits and toward others. I kind of like that there are always so many different opportunities to start a’fresh. I’ve been trying to adopt more habits that give me a life that I don’t feel like I need to escape from on weekends or my vacation days. I make vows to start new (or stop old) habits on new days, weeks, or months. There’s always the New Year’s Resolution, and New Year’s Redux (in September), the solstices and equinoxes, the Birthday Promises to Self, the Lent and Advent quests to be a better person… There’s lots of gentle (or not) ways to tell time, but no matter when you decide to start, you need a good soundtrack to get you off your duff.

And for that, friends, you’ve come to the right place! I can hook you up.

Whether you’re vowing that this is the summer you finally tame the jungle in your yard, you make the most sublime sangria, or you give the beach the body y’all got right now… saddle up, friends, it’s SUMMERTIME!

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