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A few days ago, my neighbour texted me to say that there was a bat in her house. She wanted me to unlock her door so the pest control people could get in. I felt increasingly uneasy about this, because while I know that pest control people can’t harm threatened critters, you never know.

I’m not sure what that says about my faith in humanity these days, but here we are.

So I went over to unlock the door, and sure enough, there was a little bat stuck to her kitchen ceiling. I scooted across our shared drive way to talk to my gentleman associate.
Me: There’s a bat in [neighbour’s] house.

GA: Of course there is.

Me: Can you just help me capture this sad little creature, which doesn’t want to be in her house just as much as she doesn’t want it in her house?
GA: OK. Let’s get a bucket and a cover.

Simple like that. So that’s where we start this week, friends

I’m grateful that when I come home with a plea for help, he just steps up. I’m also grateful that I didn’t get bitten by a bat, standing on a bar-stool in my neighbour’s kitchen, trying to do a good thing. And neither did my gentleman associate, carrying the angry little bat out to the garden to freedom. Thanks, little critter!
I’m grateful that we can finally travel, because I’m off to Florida tomorrow for a glorious beach vacay.
I’m grateful that my in-laws are game to take care of King Louie while we’re gone.

So with that, friends, I bid you adieu for the week. If you can choose to be anything this week, be grateful.

One thought on “Grati-Tuesday!

  1. I love bats! When my son was in elementary school, his teacher had them build bat houses. We have several species of bats on this island, those people that take care of our wildlife put special gates over the caves, so that the bats can fly in and out, but the people who might mess with them cannot. They are amazing creatures. I have read that 25% of mammal species are bats. . .I’m going to have to google that right now to make sure.

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