Thursday Throwdown: June 39, 2022

Well, friends, for the first time in what feels like eleventy thousand years, I’m on vacation. I can’t even describe for you how I pine for the ocean when I’m landlocked. I mean, I live Canada – land of a bazillion rivers – and I’m within walking distance to the confluence of two, even!). I’m in the Great Lakes basin, within a few hours drive of 3 of those Great Lakes – so big you only see water all the way to the horizon. And I love my trips to those lakes – but man-oh-man, I love the ocean.

Nathan Pyle – Star Damage

So this week, I’ll be mostly technology-free (save for the pictures I take to hold me over until the next time I can make my pilgrimage). I’ll be out in the sun, floating in the ocean with the sharks and the dolphins and rays and the stupid little fish that jump into your cleavage. It’s not just me, right? Srsly? What is that about??
Anyway, this week, I give you Music For Your Holidays. Because I get that I’m privileged to be able to travel, and a half hour of music isn’t the same as a getaway. But music can make your day better, and that’s totally the goal here. I’ll probably listen to it while I’m working on my star damage. I encourage you to do the same – even if that means enjoying the summer from beneath a big floppy hat under an umbrella in your yard or a tree in a park.

One thought on “Thursday Throwdown: June 39, 2022

  1. There’s just something about a floppy hat. I am staying home this summer, but I wear my hat for gardening and walks on sunny days. It makes me feel more attractive!

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